Lost Places - History and lack of Respect

They are a little bit like a mother-in-law - you don't see them that often but If you do, you can't help but asking yourself how things could deteriorate in that short amount of time.
End of the analogy.

This post is about "Lost Places".

The motivation to visit a place like that comes either from seeing pictures online or tips from friends (have my gratitude here).

There's a great fascination in that places - the story they tell and nature which is slowly re-conquering its territory.

Unfortunately the luxury in matters of time to visit such locations is very rarely affordable for me.

The challenge begins in determining the exact location of those places because actual addresses usually aren't shared within the scene.

Google maps, Google, old newspapers and asking Mom/Grandma are just a few tools one can make use of.
Once found, good shoes, a flashlight and a (better two) friend are no-brainers to bring for exploring.

A helmet is a great thing as well.

Old buildings often lose stability over time with no maintenance - so it's important to be cautious about every step you make especially if you don't know the area.


Unfortunately almost every single one of these places share the same fate:

They're not just victims of nature but vandalism and littering.
Bottles get smashed, windows and furniture gets destroyed and of course walls are getting sprayed with poor graffiti.
Sprayed until the hallucination that these people are all alone gets as authentic as "no melt cheese" made out of soy.

But even many "photographers" are among the offenders - furniture gets relocated or damaged, doors get hung out, mirrors damaged and of course spraying gets done to fit the place to the topic of the photo shoot.

It's a combination of egoism, lack of respect and thoughtlessness.


Just like a few days ago when I went out with a few friends to the woods to look for old tanks.

Yes, they're just standing around there.

Weather was great, everyone was in a happy mood until we "met" some people who thought it's a great idea to go around in that natural habitat with loud, crappy music.

They were obviously doing a photo shoot with some of the old military gear - posing instructions of course were yelled all over the place - because the music has been so loud.

We were sure - wildlife was loving it and me and my party couldn't look at each other's eyes - that's how "strange-embarrassed" we were.

Sure, there are different opinions on how to save the environment but I don't think that's appropriate behavior at all.

Because of those and other experiences I don't disclose addresses of "my" places even though they're not secret.

People who want so see stuff like that and are serious about it should join one of many active groups on Facebook for instance - that's also where you learn the basic rules, which are:

  • You don't leave something which wasn't there before.
  • You don't take anything with you
  • You don't relocate anything
  • You don't damage or destroy anything
  • Be quiet
  • You don't break into places

If you stick to that, not much can happen.

Joachim Lehmann