Hogan's Heroes: Photography groups on Facebook

Facebook provides a plattform for pretty much any hobby or interest.
Photography is no exception.
For years I'm roaming multiple groups for photography.

And since everyone loves stereotypes these days, I decided to create a list of the types of people you might encounter in those groups.

The Beginner
The beginner introduces her/himself and posts a picture.of a flower or a female friend, expresses gratitude for being accepted in the group and asks for comments regarding the picture. Not without the request of being not too harsh.
Famous quotes:
"Thanks for accepting me!"
"How's that done?"
"Why is everyone so mean?"

The *deep* Beginner
Posts a picture of grampa he took at thanksgiving where the old man looks a bit more thoughtful than the photographer is used to.
Contrast and B/W controls are cranked all the way up and some pregnant one-liner makes everything perfect.
Reacts hurted when confronted with criticism.
Famous quotes:
"You just don't understand the picture."
"Well, not everyone is able to see the true meaning!"

The wannabe Professional
Pictures are obviously inspired by popular work.
Trouble in the making, lack of knowledge and creativitiy makes pictures look sluppy and sometimes unintentionally funny.
The wannabe pro is resistent against any kind of criticism but does not hesitate to let others  patronizingly know his opinion on other people's photographs.
With rather problematic value.
The expensive gear in posession gets mentioned quite often.
Famous quotes:
"I got my 1.000$ macro for that..."
"That's on purpose!!"

The Hooligan
Shows very rarely own pictures - if any.
Criticizes the work of others in an agressive and rude way.
They are usually the loudest members of groups.
Famous quotes:
"That's too dark, you stupid #$&%!"
"It just looks crappy!"
"You've heard of freedom of speech, right?"

The Ambassador
Tries to smooth down differences but fails on egos in pain and pure hatred and becomes the subject of the fighing.
Famous quotes:
"Guys, let's get back to the topic!"
"That's not the place fur insults!"

The Spy
Never posts anything - just looks and likes.
Just very little is known about the spy.
Good job!
Famous quotes:
None - by definition.

The Promoter
Keeps posting his XYZ-Photography fanpage - preferably along with some "workshops" hoping someone reacts (likes).
Images are usually average - at best.
Reacts insulted if someone criticizes the advertisement.
Famous quotes:
"I can post whatever I want!"
"Leave a like!"
"There are still places available!"

.The Pirate
Comments on pictures with his own pictures and takes over the whole conversation.
Is hated by the original poster for doing that.
Famous quotes:
"That's how it's done!"
"Calm down - it's just one photo!"

The HDR-Fan
Every picture becomes an HDR - if neccessary or not.
Often boring pictures get edited with any effect possible to in order to make it look interesting in some way.
Famous quotes:
"That's how I swa it there!"
"What the #&%§ are halos?!"

The Cellphone Photographer
Uploads pictures from visits of parks and zoos.
Doesn't have any interest in quality or composition - just enjoys taking pictures and having a great day.
Doesn't really get criticism.
Famous quotes:
"Today at the Zoo!"
"Those SLR-Cameras are too bulky."

Joachim Lehmann